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Overlooking the tram line at Morden Park, which in addition to the white face, is a good way to tell it's not a shag...

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Inland cormorants

It still seems strange to see cormorants so far inland, especially so close to London. When a teenager in the 70s I remember going to the only inland breeding site for cormorants, Bird Rock near Aberystwith. Now they are breeding, or at least wintering, on almost every inland lake - it's not unusual to see 40 or 50 in a dead tree at Fairburn Ings near Leeds.

The question is why the change in behaviour? Some say it is the ready food source at inland fish farms, others that they have moved inland looking for food due to the depletion in marine fish stocks. Whatever the reason around 3,000 are killed a year under licence from the Government.

Graham Banwell

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Well the Wandle has a lot of

Well the Wandle has a lot of trout at the moment, with a lot being sort of penned up in Morden Hall Park when I was there, though I don't know to what end. If I was a cormorant I could see the appeal...

Alison Rowan