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Fools parsley or something else?

Observed: 26th July 2013 By: ryjocl93ryjocl93’s reputation in Plantsryjocl93’s reputation in Plantsryjocl93’s reputation in Plants
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It does open out a bit further than shown in the photos

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If it is Wild Carrot then it will open out into a slightly domed umbel like head and the green bracts you can see at the moment will be hidden beneath the flower head.

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Thanks for your identification Chris. I've just gone and checked and there are some open flowers! I have added more photos. Do they help confirm that it is wild carrot?

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New images

Two extra images now added. Looking at the second image you could be right as the secondary umbels have bearded bracts.

Are the second and third images of the same plant as image one because the bracts look different to those in image one.

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Same plant

I'm 99% certain they are the same plant. I removed one of the bracts and photographed it and have added that image. Does that help at all.

Thanks again for all your help Chris

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Fools parsley ...

... has distinctive reflexed bracteoles (at the base of the subumbels) but no bracts (at the base of the umbel). Wild carrot has large dissected bracts, as here.

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Fool's Parsley

I think this suggestion was my fault! From the extra images, wild carrot looks good. I'm not much of a botanist at all, but doesn't wild carrot have a hairy stem, whereas fool's parsley is smooth? This plant has hairs.