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Insects on foxtail

Observed: 25th May 2010 By: miked
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what is going on here, need to look at HD version of video to see the small wasps. The beetle is eating pollen but what are the small wasps doing, are they laying eggs?

Species interactions

Species with which Malachite Beetle (Malachius bipustulatus) interacts


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beetle and midges

The Malachite Beetle is known to feed on pollen, as well as nectar and other insects, see:

The midges look like the so-called 'gall midges', in family Cecidomyiidae. This is a large family of flies, and some of them lay eggs into the flowerheads of grasses; a range of species have been associated with foxtails (Alopecurus). See:

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Remarkable, thanks. I see we

Remarkable, thanks. I see we now have number of sightings of the malachite beetle, wonder if our map will eventually overtake the nbn one ;-)