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Observed: 28th July 2013 By: jojosum
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I suppose it was only a

I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone posted an observation of this very common species of mammal.

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But are you sure -

You can dismiss other species of hominid? ;-)

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Note the absence of hair except for on the very top of the head leading to the need to wear artificial coverings for warmth; despite the long fringe of hair you can see enough of the forehead to see there is a lack of prominent brow ridges which, along with the swollen mammary glands, indicates this is the female of the species.

Also note this individual suffers from a common failing in the species, defective eyes leading to the need for lens to correct the problem.

Graham Banwell

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Opposable thumb

Note : The opposable thumb of the human being allows this species to use tools such as a pencil. This is a very useful adaptation when out in the field.


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Wish I'd thought of that

Need mammal points!


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I agree with Philip

Mammal points sounds great! Bring it on...:)