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Dolphin or Porpoise?

Observed: 27th July 2013 By: shrike07shrike07’s reputation in Mammalsshrike07’s reputation in Mammals
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by the shape of the dorsal

by the shape of the dorsal fin i am sure it is a dolphin.

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Fin, motion, tail stock?

The triangular fin is typical of a harbour porpoise. Common dolphins can also have triangular fins, but because the animal moved with a rolling motion that would confirm it as harbour porpoise.
The only thing that did make me hesitate was the chunky tail stock which looked more dolphin-like, but I think this is because the animal's tail flukes are only just hidden beneath the surface i.e. most of the tail stock is visible at the precise moment the photo was taken.

Gill Sinclair
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I agree with porpoise, however, bottlenose dolphins don't always come more out of the water, I've seen them regularly do no more than show their dorsal fin; little or no body, when lazily mooching in still water as here.

Graham Banwell

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