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Coccinella 7-punctata. 7 spot ladybird

Observed: 5th August 2009 By: tootsietimtootsietim’s reputation in Invertebratestootsietim’s reputation in Invertebratestootsietim’s reputation in Invertebrates
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ladybird invasion 05 08 09
ladybird invasion 05 08 09 4
ladybird invasion 05 08 09 4 5

Thousands of 7 spot ladybirds at Cromer, Norfolk.

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Ladybird numbers

Wow! Other people have mentioned the influx into south east England but it is hard to appreciate until you see photos. Thanks for posting these.

I wouldn't want to be an aphid at the moment!

Graham Banwell

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Yes, amazing, nice to see that wildlife can still be super-abundant sometimes!

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Biological control.

I recently saw ladybirds for sale in a gardening catalogue to use as biological aphid control. They were £15 for 25.
What price these???
Interestingly, after last autumn's ladybird invasion, we have continued to have quite high populations of 7 spots around the garden, so hopefully we shall have fewer aphids.

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Amazing posts

Somehow, Martin, can posts like this be displayed again? Maybe just a mention in a Tweet is enough BUT wouldn't it be nice to see these appear in the Current Carousel occasionally? Maybe? Do you think?
With only 7 agreements and lost to history, it's a shame (in this case)

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Is this something projects could do. I'm sure I see somewhere (and then ignore) a list of 'recent' or 'updated' projects somewhere on iSpot. If people created a project of noteworthy posts like this and updated them would that listing get them attention?

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all time greats

Yes, well spotted David - are you abreast of all NEW posts and comments? I'm impressed! (Oh I see now you are an agree-er - flagged then).
I think you might be right, though I am not certain how this might be achieved. Someone, like me, might be able to go through the whole site and 'collect' those posts that strike a fancy, somehow mark them and gather them into a project called (my choice of) 'all time greats'!
I wish for the ability to add tags to others' posts for this purpose, and for my own Seaweeds and Marines.
In this case easy - the ONLY Invasion Tag on the site!

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Revisiting older observations

Thanks for the comments above. I agree that it would be great to have a way of re-finding and displaying some of the older observations where they have content that is of particular interest, and being able to tag other people's observations might be a good way of doing this. We've also had some discussion around the idea of 'text-mining', that is using automated search methods to try and find observations and comments that contain useful and unusual information. Like so much else, finding a way to implement such ideas is on our wishlist for the future.

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Thanks Martin for spotting this and for responding.
As you will realise, adding Posts like this to a Project is impossible without the Author's consent. But in any case WHO looks at the Projects?
No, I think a Tag 'Show again' added by one of a Monitor Team with very limited Curation rights (dare I suggest!), could put these posts into the current Carousel or add to a new Carousel below the Help with Identifying. They would then decay in the same way as the Help with one.
Wishful thinking but there are far more important things...aren't there? Oh yes!