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Observed: 26th July 2013 By: Tony MoverleyTony Moverley’s reputation in InvertebratesTony Moverley’s reputation in InvertebratesTony Moverley’s reputation in Invertebrates
Dorsal view showing vena spuria
Ventral view

Vena spuria present (see photo) so definitely a hoverfly.
Wing length 10mm. Abdomen is very striking - bright yellow/orange underneath all over while the dordal surface has distinctive orange/yellow markings (but doesn't show well in photo unfortunately).
Black antennae with bare arista. No obvious modified limbs. I have the (new) Britain's Hoverflies book by Ball & Morris but I'm struggling to key this out. Any thoughts greatly apprecaited even if to get to right tribe/family.

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Forgot to say that it is a female. Many thanks ophrys - yes female P. granditarsus.