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Yellow and hairy

Observed: 27th July 2013 By: pitufopitufo’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenspitufo’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Yellow and hairy, day 1
Yellow and hairy, day 2
Young mushrooms (in leopard print!)
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Volva showing

Cap: pale to lemon yellow, up to 12 – 30 cm diameter, covered in fine hair. Broadly convex with flattened area in centre when young. Wavy margins when mature. Young mushrooms have leopard-print coats!
Gills: free, pale pink
Spores: Pink, 6.8 x 5.1 µm (not confirmed independently)
Stem: 10 x 2 cm
Flesh: white
Stem: White
Odour: mealy?
Habitat: dead tree trunk (probably hardwood)


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Thank you

Thank you Flaxton. Very helpful :) In my efforts to not damage it too much, I had missed the volva.

This seems to be a particularly large and yellow example. I will double check the volva in situ tomorrow.

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The new photo shows the volva

The new photo shows the volva perfectly