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Observed: 27th July 2013 By: Joe BottingInvertebrates expert

Around 2 cm, found amongst gravel. Does anyone know their slugs?

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Thanks for that, Christian - much obliged. For future reference, is there anything else with similar colouring/patterning, or is this one that's immediately recognisable?

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Hi Joe.

The colour of most slugs vary somewhat between and within populations. These are no exception, they can look similar in appearance to a few others.

Best to check a few characters to be sure...widely spaced coarse tubercles, that are fewer than 10 between the dark bands is a good one (easily seen in your photo), this helps to distinguish Durham slug from all the other Arions. They will usually have a green look to the sole of the foot.

Regards Chris...

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ID help

I do so like the occasional ID comments Chris. Description notes, by the author, go a long way t'wards helping with ID. I sometimes think there should be another panel, linking biological and ID information provided by people on the site here (Wiki is OFTEN useless!)
More and more of these posts are appearing in Google searches, particularly Images. iSpot itself is becoming one of the most useful support sites for identification.
Of course, Joe, one picture is NEVER enough!
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