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Observed: 25th May 2010 By: Green SageGreen Sage’s reputation in InvertebratesGreen Sage’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Emperor dragonfly

It looks more like the Emperor to me.

You can see yellow along the leading edges of the wings and the apple green thorax doesn't have any stripes behind the head. There isn't much in the way of patterning on the abdomen, but that could be because its recently emerged. It looks quite large too, although it is hard to judge from a photo.

I've seen a few Emperors on the wing over the last few days, but no hawkers yet.

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I agree with you JaseJ - would you like to add Emperor as a second identification (click on "Add a revision", above)?

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Another agreement for Emperor.

It is a recently emerged Emperor (a female), as suggested by JaseJ.