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Araniella opisthographa (2) is this correct

Observed: 20th June 2013 By: LMcG
Araniella opisthographa (2)
spider for ident please
various spider for ident please (1)
another spider for ident please
various spider for ident please (3)
various spider for ident please (18)

All these micro spiders found on the outside walls of my house or shed. Puzzled by the red patch on photo 5

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I would like your help in

I would like your help in getting me started in spider identification please

Can you identify this bee please, with its startling white underside and bright yellow lateral band? Thanks L.McG.

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Hello Laurence

Welcome to i-spot

Its best to pop up one observation per post - you are correct in that the first picture is an Araniella but could be one of a number of similars . Remember to use the Get recommended for the latin binomial or Genus Have a go - its all about learning - and having fun

Spiders are a difficult subject to start with many require detailed obs to be certain

You are right to be puzzled by the red spot if its not a seed then it many be a parasitic egg of sorts would be interesting if others might have a theory



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Welcome to ispot Laurence, as

Welcome to ispot Laurence, as Wildlife Ranger has said you really need to post each species as a separate observation.

The red spot could be a Velvet Mite (Trombidiidae), the early instars of some species are parasites on insects and possibly spiders. I posted an observation last year, of a fly with one of these mites attached see http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/289331.