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Old leaf mines in bramble

Observed: 2nd May 2010 By: dw5448
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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First two photographs show upper and lower surface of the same leaf, with a possible exit hole for the larva.

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Species with which Bramble Leaf Miner (Stigmella aurella) interacts


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You might have two species here

The first two photos seems to show a Stigmela. Using the standard keys (http://www.leafmines.co.uk/html/mine-guide/brambles.htm) the purple staining indicates Stigmella aurella. Although I understand there is some uncertainty as to whether they can safely be distinguished from S splendidissimella - and indeed whether they are in fact just the same species.

The third photograph looks to me like Emmetia marginea.

Perhaps worth splitting this entry into two as it gets confusing trying to ID two species against one iSpot entry.

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Thanks for the key

This is a very useful download - thanks.

Will have a look at the leaves when I am down next and see if there is much difference (and get photos probably if I can see any)