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Hoverfly larva pupates and emerges as a wasp

Observed: 7th July 2013 By: robinrrobinr’s reputation in Invertebratesrobinr’s reputation in Invertebrates
Hoverfly larva (?) eating an aphid
Hoverfly larva (?)
Hoverfly larva (?) showing breathing tubes
Hoverfly larva (?) after pupating
Hoverfly (?) pupa nearly mature
Hoverfly (?) pupa with animal inside
Hoverfly (?) pupa with emerged wasp
Wasp emerged from (?) hoverfly pupa
Empty pupa of hoverfly / wasp

07JUL13 Larva found feeding on aphids among umbellifers in garden. Tentatively identified as a hoverfly. Kept for observation.
11JUL13 Larva pupates.
25JUL13 Animal clearly visible inside pupa.
26JUL13 Wasp emerges.

    Likely ID
    Hoverfly and / or wasp
    Confidence: It might be this.
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GRaham Rotheray advises that

GRaham Rotheray advises that the puparium is Episyrphus balteatus and that the parasitoid is lekely to be Syrphoctonus ?tricinctus (Diplazontinae)