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Small bees

Observed: 24th July 2013 By: TimmydogTimmydog’s reputation in Invertebrates
Bee approaching entrance in old brickwork
Bee aprox 7mm. long
Bee (2)
Bee (3)
Bee (4)
Bee (5)
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These are digger wasps

These are digger wasps Crossocerus or similar I think, not bees. If you are doing work on the materials where they are nesting the nests will be destroyed as the larvae/pupae overwinter in the nest.

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Digger Wasps

Thank you very much your help,

But now I have a dilemma I really need to mend the chimney stack, but the little Wasps are going in all over the place, Thinking they were Bees I have made things worse by delaying work as more eggs will have been laid.

Are they very common or do I need to conserve the nests ?

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The wasps are probably not rare, but we can't know that for certain without having them identified to species.

It's probably near impossible to carry out work on the chimney at a time when the wasps won't be impacted at all, since as soon as they emerge next year they will be busy mating and starting new nests. So if the chimney has to have work done, I think you'll just have to accept that there will be some casualties.

It's always a shame to be in this sort of 'no-win' situation, but most insect populations are adapted to coping with setbacks - in 'natural' conditions they nest in holes in trees (which can fall over and be lost) or holes in the ground (which can get flooded or eroded) so a certain degree of mortality is always to be expected.

As long as all your neighbours are not simultaneously replacing the mortar in their brickwork (!), the chances are that the wasps will return in due course.

Or you could compensate for the loss of the chimney habitat by building a bee and wasp 'hotel', which is a fascinating thing to do and will provide homes for lots of species. There are some instructions for making simple bee hotels here:

and here:

but some people build very elaborate structures - try searching for "bee hotel" to get inspiration:

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Martin Harvey on dilemma


Thank you very much for your valuable information.

I was wondering about making some means nesting places actually in the chimney stack for the wasps as they obviously like it up there, one idea I had was if I do repair the brickwork,(which is still pending) coil some wire and embed in new brickwork then re pebble dash and finally pull out the coiled wire leaving small cavities inside.