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Blooms are siimilar to Fairy Foxglove, but not the leaves, Worthing beach

Observed: 17th July 2013 By: Pensioner Pete
2012-06-17 12-30-54 - P1130658, Potsdam
at the Burgh near Burpham P1110723
Blooms are siimilar to Fairy Foxglove, but not the leaves, Worthing beach
P1010843 near Amberley

This is the first time I've used iSpot, and I've submitted snaps of 4 different plants. The 4th pic seems to be given prominence on the site and appears to contain location coordinates. These must have been obtained from the metadata (iPhone 5) but I have not seen this data before!
Can you comment?

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As this is my first time, I'm not sure what to put here as I've already made comments (see above)

Kind regards

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Hi Pete, and welcome to iSpot.

Good to see your photos, but I'm afraid iSpot is set up to deal with just one species per observation. So you'll get the best response if you can edit this observation (click on the "Edit" tab towards the top of this page) and remove all but one of the photos, ensuring that the photo from the "Marine Drive" location remains.

The add further individual observations for the other photos.

If your photos contain location data iSpot should recognise that, but again it can only do it for one location at a time. If the photos don't contain location information you can always set the location yourself by clicking on "Use map" when you are adding your observations.

If you get stuck, send us a message via the "Contact us" page:

Good luck!

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Welcome to iSpot Pete!You will find there are a lot of helpful people who contribute to the site who will help you id your specimens, but the first thing you have to get right is that iSpot is only designed for one species per observation ,so you need to upload each photo separately, along with id notes and location.
For what it'ts worth the white flowered shrub is a Philadelphus ("Mock Orange") I think the blue flowered plant is Chicory(Cichorium intybus), the 3rd plantis "Common Mallow "(Malva sylvestris) and the last one is Bugle(Ajuga reptans).These need to be uploaded separately to be recorded as part of the iSpot system.

David J Trevan

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I think that the first photograph ...

... is Philadephus (mock orange) (flowers with 4 petals) rather than Deutzia (flowers with 5 petals). I'd need to see/touch the leaf indumentum to tell which species.

The second photograph is Cichorium intybus (chicory).

The third photograph is Malva sylvestris (common mallow).

I think that the fourth photograph is Ajuga reptans (bugle), but I can't see the flowers or the leaves clearly enough to be certain.