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Observed: 26th July 2013 By: WithielGarden

This moth was in our conservatory. It is about 4cm long. Orange-yellow in colour, lines on it are brown, small spot is off-white.
Very long nose.
We back onto farmland - the field next to the house is only used for grazing (currently cattle) and is not heavily grazed. We are at the top of a fairly exposed valley - further down the valley is more farmland and some woods.

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Hi, We are in Inches and


We are in Inches and someone identified the moth we found as the Drinker too. Ours was not yellow though and I don't think it had a long nose. Have you found lots of these?


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Yours was probably a male drinker moth, as the males are more of a brown colour. The yellowish colour shown in this observation indicates that it is a female. See:

The long 'nose' is formed by the palps (part of the mouthparts) and both sexes normally have them, but sometimes moth palps get damaged and they aren't so obvious (the Snout moth normally has a long 'nose' formed by its palps in the same way, and every so often you see a Snout that has lost its snout - very confusing!).

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