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What's this 'ere poo?

Observed: 25th July 2013 By: charmingoldgit
What's this 'ere poo?

Found under my garden table. Could it belong to a hedgehog?

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Don't think it's a hedgehog

Maybe a bird? Hedgehog droppings can have crushed up insect exoskeletons in it.

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But such a big bird?

I wonder what size of bird would leave such large droppings under a garden table. I've lost three goldfish/kois to a heron, but I don't think it could get under the table. And fish eagles we don't have. I tend to think it's mammalian, but it's too big for a rabbit, rat etc., too small for a cat, fox. Badger? Martin? Hedgehog?

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Bird facaes

It's definitely from a bird which eats vegetation. The white substance is uric acid, a bird's equivalent to mammalian urea.

The colour and smooth texture indicates it is a bird which eats vegetation.

The size is not that large for a bird, it looks smaller than grouse droppings. If you were in England I'd suggest song thrush but I'm not familiar with what birds, around the size of a thrush or slightly larger, you may get in your area of Germany.

Graham Banwell

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