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Tall Tutsan?

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Large wall with many plants growing between stones.

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Not sure about this one

I can't see any black dots on leaves, petals or sepals, and H. maculatum usually has these in abundance. Also the sepals appear to be pointed, and they should be blunt. It doesn't seem to fit anything, perhaps it's affected by the strange habitat.

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I will go back later today and take a look at some of the others. I had only really focused on the stem ridges so will look at sepals and for black dots.
This has such a strong and distinct smell and I can't say I've ever noticed it when looking at Hypericum in the past.

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I am thinking Stinking Tutsan

I am thinking Stinking Tutsan from the description and photos but await fresh info.

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Stinking tutsan is ...

... the only Hypericum that I associate with an odour, but its odour is rank, not aromatic/citric. This might just be a difference of terminology, but it starts me wondering whether any other Hypericums are odorous.

Are the plants woody?

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Stinking Tutsan

It does look a close match. Maybe it's me but I think it smells great and I'm not a fan of goaty smells!

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..our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to scratch'n'sniff every kind of Hypericum we meet until we know what they all smell like!
I did wonder about a Tutsan, but I'm only familiar with the common one.

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I'm going to do just that.

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Oh no...

...John Poland has beaten us to it. He notes either odourless or scented for most of the species. Hypericum x inodoratum is apparently weakly goat-scented or aromatic, H. androsaemum is curry or coffee-scented, and H. forrestii is citrus scented. He only says "strongly scented" for H. hircinium. But smell seems to vary with the person doing the sniffing, so it's still worth trying it for ourselves.

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I think it is quite subjective. This one certainly has some citrus, no goat, maybe some aromatic (but what is that exactly?). I need to get somebody to do some plant sniffing with me to get more consensus.

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I have to say scents or odours seem to be varied between people, when in a group we often pass a leaf or flower around and usually we have varied opinions, so it may well be we all have different senses of smell - I am sure you know what I mean, one says nice another not. What I am saying we all judge differently.

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The classic aromatic scent ...

... is pear drops, for which the active ingredient is amyl acetate.

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...or "nail varnish remover"

as it is known to us girlies.

Rachy Ramone

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