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Observed: 20th July 2013 By: RvincentRvincent’s reputation in InvertebratesRvincent’s reputation in Invertebrates

All 3 - 4mms long.
First photo wings are all yellow, whereas black and yellow in second and third.
Second photo - thorax and abdomen orange with two black stripes.
Third photo - thorax red, abdomen red and pale yellow with two black stripes.

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Evacanthus aberrations

Yes, you're right - and the all-yellow form is a known variant. I published a little note about this a few years back, asking for more examples, but had only one report in addition to mine... in other words, it's quite a scarce variant. Abdominal colour is much more variable, and nothing to worry about; sometimes I've seen completely orange nymphs, which are really exciting until reality kicks in...

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Thank you for this!

Thank you for all this information. And it's all the more exciting that the all-yellow form is relatively scarce.

I was hoping the other aberrations were something 'new', but I'm just really pleased that someone was able to confirm their identification for me.

Now at last I can sleep better...!