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Is it an albino sparrow?

I have been watching a little bird in my garden, in Normandy, France. She is nesting in a hole in an old stone wall. Her mate appears to be a male sparrow, and I think there are babies in the nest. However, she is not sparrow-coloured. She (I assume it's a she, as her mate is the male sparrow) is an almost uniform cream-colour, with the only feature being a slightly darker cream coloured top of her head. When I say cream, the colour is pretty much that of pale custard. This is the second year I have noticed her. Anyone got any clues as to why she is this colour?



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Dilute coloured sparrow

You are almost certainly correct - a pale sparrow. In captivity a large number of colour mutations exist and in the US, where their millions are descended from only many hundreds of founders, mutation coloured sparrows are moderately common.