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Tall pink wildflower

Observed: 19th June 2013 By: janemllp
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Pink flower

This looks like a clover, but without knowing the height I couldn't say for certain.

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Agreed -

Can you get a wider shot, showing more of the leaves? Also, as Jon says, an idea of height would help.
I think it might be White Clover Trifolium repens, but that usually has white markings on the leaves that I can't see here. It might be others, including a white variant of Red Clover (most coloured flowers occasionally turn up a pale version).

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A useful rule of thumb ...

... is that Trifolium repens has stalked inflorescences, and Trifolium pratense (near)-sessile inflorescence, which would suggest a pale variant of Trifolium pratense. However I don't think it is safe to draw this conclusion from a single inflorescence in isolation.