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Observed: 22nd May 2010 By: dgspen
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i thought roach by the shape

i thought roach by the shape of the tail fin, its sharper and less rounded then that of a rudd. Also although hard to see the pectoral fins are darker than that of the red pelvic and anal fin whereas in rudd the pelvic fin would be darker with the pectoral being red.

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Roach v. rudd

Having caught very many of both over the years, there were 2 things we looked at - the mouth shape and fin positions - rudd are surface feeders and have an upturned mouth.
Fin colour - this varies a lot - probably depending on habitat and particular population, and in rudd it will depend on strain - all fins of golden rudd are vivid, deep red for instance.
Tail fin shapes are very subtly different and I would hesitate to use this with a fish in my hand, leave alone in the water.

I am not 100% sold on them being rudd, but they are near the surface - for which rudd are a better bet, and I think I can see a misalignment of dorsal and ventral fins. If you can convince yourself of any fin alignment, agreeing with me or not, this will be a certain ID. (or get some tackle and maggots out)

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very tempted to fish but

very tempted to fish but doubt the uni will allow it. Ussally there is no movement on the surface of the lake to suggest feeding but due to the recent sun the fish including carp have been gathering close to the surface.

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20-40 years ago, Essex was more than notorious for militancy that included what was then very odd, tree-hugging tendancies. If you'd even looked like fishing there then, you wouldn't have got nearer than 100m from the water before something unmentionable would have happened to you. LOL
Things can't surely have changed that much?

A friend was obsessive about fishing odd places in and around Colchester (mostly in search of giant eels), but I don't think even he fancied the idea, and he poached some really daft places.....

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i think its more the fact the

i think its more the fact the lake side has been taken over by 'revising' students soaking up the sun. Imagine if they started fishing aswell. I avoided eels at the best of times and cant imaging targeting them.

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Once an eel gets to 2lb they change quite a bit - 3-4-5-6lb, they change a lot - interesting and tricky to catch. I caught one 5lb 13oz "by mistake" - around 40 inches long and around 3 inches thick - actually quite impressive and beautiful, and way too large to jelly.

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never got big in fishing,

never got big in fishing, just did it locally and caught nothing but perch, occasionally roach, bream, tench and ell