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Scutellaria galericuata

is a misspelling of Scutellaria galericulata, which the Get Recommended button offers as an alternative when common skullcap is given as the vernacular name.



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When I just tried that, it

When I just tried that, it did not recognise 'common skullcap', and gave the correct spelling of the binomial for 'skullcap'. That is consistent with NBN Gateway. Interestingly, the mis-spelling appears as an invalid synonym on NBN.

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I wasn't the actual victim ...

... but he said he had been offered two spellings by the Get Recommended button.

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Scutellaria galericuata is an

Scutellaria galericuata is an ill-formed name, which I am happy to correct as it only appears on an informal checklist. This should prevent future confusion :)