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Common skullcap

Observed: 15th January 2005 By: vetandteachervetandteacher’s reputation in Plantsvetandteacher’s reputation in Plantsvetandteacher’s reputation in Plantsvetandteacher’s reputation in Plants
common skullcap

In wet ground and amongst pebbles above beach. Lipped, blue and hairy flowers. Leaves hairy with few, branched veins.

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The correct spelling ...

... is Scutellaria galericulata. You can use the Get Recommended button to fill in the botanical name given the vernacular name, or vice versa, which will reduce the number of typos.

If you put up a new identification with the corrected spelling we can agree with that, and the observation will correctly link to other observations of the species.

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Thanks for that. I have done as you suggested. It turns out that both spellings are listed and I guess that I picked the first.

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I've reported this on the species dictionary feedback forum ...

... so hopefully the first will go away.