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Littorina nigrolineata ?

Observed: 11th September 2010 By: hobgoblinhobgoblin’s reputation in Invertebrateshobgoblin’s reputation in Invertebrateshobgoblin’s reputation in Invertebrates
littorina nigrolineata ?

Quite a small periwinkle specimen, with grooved lines on shell,

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Upper shore periwinkles

Melarhaphe neritoides is a very small winkle with a high pointed spire and flat sides. The shell resembles a grape pip. The shell is dark bluish to blackish-brown in colour, occasionally with spiral banding or vertical stripes on the last whorl. Pale shells may also occur, but your posting has ridges which M. neritoides does not.

Have a look at these two sites & see what you think.



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small periwinkle

Yes , you right it definitely not the same creature! Ta v