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Flat Periwinkle

Observed: 22nd February 2011 By: hobgoblinhobgoblin’s reputation in Invertebrateshobgoblin’s reputation in Invertebrateshobgoblin’s reputation in Invertebrates
Flat Periwinkle

Found on seaweed at low tide on Hebrides, have only seen the empty shells before so was v happy to see one on the move!

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A year on..

I have agreed Gina
This is certainly a Flat Periwinkle but (others might ask) it is obtusata or fabalis?
DO look at this http://www.ispotnature.org/node/437146 and read the comments.

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L. obtusata L. fabalis

I have uploaded an illustrated account on how to differentiate L. obtusata sensu stricto from L. fabalis at https://flic.kr/p/RcvnFf

Ian Smith

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..but I fear ian that we do not often get near enough as photographers to discern the differences. Your works does, however, inspire us to be more, well, investigative!