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Euphorbia peplus

Observed: 24th July 2013 By: wulgulmerangwulgulmerang’s reputation in Plantswulgulmerang’s reputation in Plants

After contractors removed fertile top soil: the Earth responded with ecological succession, including a population of Euphorbia peplus (apparently good for treating skin cancer)

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Petty Spurge, Sun Spurge

I think you have images of both here.

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To concur ,,,

... the 3rd-5th images are Euphorbia helioscopia; the 1st and 2nd images are clear enough for me to make a confident identification, but look to be Euphorbia peplus.

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Thanks Everyone.

The Euphorbia helioscopia spurges, have been moved to a different node. http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/353222

Love this community

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Euphorbia juice

I note the comment about E. peplus being used to treat skin cancer. Please don't try it - the latex from Euphorbia species can cause some very nasty skin reactions.