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Observed: 2nd July 2013 By: WildpadWildpad’s reputation in InvertebratesWildpad’s reputation in InvertebratesWildpad’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Species with which Mirid bug - nymph (Liocoris tripustulatus) interacts


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Don't think it's Liocoris....

...tripustulatus as the nymphs have a lot more red reddish / brown speckling on their legs and antennae: http://flic.kr/p/fbcnpT

Could be any of the green Miridae species. What plant was it on? That would help to narrow it down.

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Miridae nymph

Very amiss of me but I did not record that!
I did notice that it was not on or near nettles though. Thanks for your help though....