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Bright orange butterflies

Observed: 21st July 2013 By: whythis

Seen in Wendover Woods , Bucks, afternoon, bright orange butterflies moving very fast, not settling, larger than the average British butterfly. Lots of small dark spots on the upper wing. Moving too fast to get a better description.
Weather was warm 28 deg approx and sunny.Seemed to be concentrated along the cycle only trail between Icknield Way and Hale Lane.


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You should really try and

You should really try and take a photo next time. Even a quite blurry one can sometimes be enough to identify a butterfly. And select Group "invertebrates".

From your description they might be Commas (Polygonia c-album) but could be a number of other things too. Paul

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Larger than average...

...could indicate Silver-washed Fritillary which is a good size for a British butterfly. It's often seen along woodland rides, and needs habitat where there are plenty of violets for the larvae to feed on. They are definitely on the wing at this time of year and are often very flighty.