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Observed: 23rd July 2013 By: ng652
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete

Insect on water iris leaf, about 5 cm long, not moving, the green bits on body are duckweed from pond - I have never seen dragonflies in my garden until the other evening when I saw a huge blue bodied dragonfly take off from the garden pond - I am wondering if this is maybe related - a partially grown descendent of the blue adult that I saw, as it seems odd that after all these years of no sightings, two different kinds appear in the same week... any ideas or identifications would be great, I would love for my pond to become a regular visiting spot for dragonflies!

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The exuviae is the outer shell of the nymph from which the dragonfly has emerged from.

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Dragonfly exuviae

Thanks Chris, This has enabled me to check the relevant references and pictures - I hadn't realised that what I was looking at was the outer casing and not a live insect! I have taken it carefully from the leaf and it is obviously just the shell..fascinating though, and it does resemble the hawker as you have described. So perhaps what I saw flying around the other evening had emerged from it, although that one did look about 10 or so cm long and had a very bright blue body .. I shall have to keep a look out and keep the camera handy!

Naomi Griffiths

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ID link below

Here is a link to the larvae of the Southern Hawker