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We think thing it is a wasp like thing but we cant be sure of it.

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This looks like one of the

This looks like one of the ichneumon flies (which is actually a type of wasp). There are a lot of different species. You can tell its in this group as it has a narrow 'waist'.

Rob Coleman

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Ooops - we hadn't attached

Ooops - we hadn't attached it!


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alcon_blue: how can we tell it is genus Ichneumon? I'm not sure there's enough detail in the photo for that is there?

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I was going the pale stripe

I was going by the pale stripe in the middle of the antennae, orange on abdomen and white markings on thorax and tip of abdomen. I have used this before and not had objections that it wasn't this genus are there other ichneumons with this colour pattern in a different genus?

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other genera

I'm fairly sure there are similar colour patterns in other genera, e.g. some of the species in Amblyteles. The only available British key uses some quite difficult structural features, rather than colours, to separate Ichneumon from the many related genera - how do we know we can rule out Cratichneumon, Stenichneumon, Barichneumon etc.?

It may well be that some genera or species are identifiable by colour pattern if one knows the group well enough, but with no available illustrations nor up-to-date keys I don't know how one starts to become familiar with them, except by working in a major museum!

It's a great pity they are so hard to name, since they are such striking insects, but as someone else on iSpot remarked recently, biodiversity didn't evolve for our convenience in naming it!

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