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Bracken Fern

Observed: 3rd June 2013 By: hobgoblinhobgoblin’s reputation in Plantshobgoblin’s reputation in Plantshobgoblin’s reputation in Plants
Bracken Fern

V fresh, elegant looking fronds bout 1m - 1.5m tall, a lovely golden green colour with the light passing through, the laterals alternating

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I'm not very good with ferns

I'm not very good with ferns neither but this is definitely not Bracken. It's likely to be a Dryopteris.

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D. cambrensis

The fact that it is not forming a shuttle-cock but is more loosely formed might make it this one.


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I meant to enter Dryopteris affinis agg. aka Dryopteris affinis s.l.. In the light of his comment I presume that Graeme intended the same.