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Magpie killing rabbit

Observed: 25th May 2010 By: marshman

A magpie was seen repeatedly jabbing at a baby rabbit, until it eventaully died. This was definitely not feeding on carrion - it was predation. Once dead, the rabbit has been abandoned by the magpie.

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Magpies -

crows and other corvids will do this with any small creature that might make a meal. Like other predators, they sometimes seem to lose interest (or are distracted/disturbed) halfway through the process.

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Magpies ARE predators as well as scavengers.

There is no denying that Magpies are predators. They will kill for food and, like Roger has said, will sometimes fly off without eating whatever it is they have killed. Many predators will abandon a meal if they do not feel safe (for whatever reason), and unlike birds of prey, Magpies are not able to carry large prey with them - it is possible that this Magpie may have returned later to see if the Rabbit was still there though, rather than copletely abadoning a meal.