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Lichen with orange apothecia

Observed: 11th July 2013 By: pf339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Lichen with orange apothecia i
Lichen with orange apothecia ii

White crustose lichen growing on mountain limestone. Almost spherical, orange apothecia. Possibly Protoblastenia calva.


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P. calva seems likely

I have similar photos on limestone that are P. calva (confirmed by the K+ red reaction in sections under the microscope).

Protoblastenia lilacina is very close to P. calva and has been confused for it. The former is described as sometimes having a lilac pigment in the hypothecium (tissue below the asci) and has apothecia that are K- or slightly darkening in K. I have yet to identify it, and don't know if the two species can be told apart in photos.


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Protoblastenia species

Thanks for help and information. (Previously seen only P. rupestris so encouraged even though this may be P. calva or P. lilacina.)

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I agree with Nigel's comments. I have quite a few photographs of P.calva/lilacina now - still waiting to find time to do the microscope work so I can sort them out. I note that the appearance, especially apothecial colour, depend a lot on how dry the material is. As yet, I wouldn't try to name them from a photo.