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Round-Leaved Sundew

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Round-Leaved Sundew (Drosera rotundifolia)

After adding the sundrew yesterday, http://ispot.org.uk/node/3519, I relooked at my photos I can see that this one taken in July at a site in Assynt has round leaves

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Easy to identify as it is the only sundew with round leaves. Always grows close to the ground.

The sap is supposed to help releive chesty coughs and is still used today by herbalists. I believe they mix it with thyme in a syrup.

Because of the sundew's ability to attract insects people 'naturally' assumed it would help them attract a boyfriend/girlfriend.
If you want to try it, slip a leaf in the pocket of the one you want to be attracted to you.
Good Luck!

Graham Banwell

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