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Observed: 20th July 2013 By: Gothic321

This "nest" of some kind measures 3.2cm in diameter. The 'north' and 'south' poles are reddish brown in colour and mid region is grey. It does not register on kitchen scales and thus weighs less than 5 grams.
Possibly just 1 or 2 grams.
What is it. A neighbour suggested it might be a wasp's nest. I found it on Saturday last on the inside of the door to the shed. I was cleaning out the shed and noticed this 'hanging' from the top of the door.

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Wasp's nest

A neighbour who is a long-time specialist with and observer of moths had never seen anything like it before, but it was she who recommended I place this on ispot. She thought it was a wasp's nest as she had seen wasps 'feeding' off one of her wooden fences.

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Sounds like a wasp's nest

But your text suggests you have a photo. If this is so, you need to go to My Spot - Observations, select this one, then click the "edit" tab. Try attaching the photo again, wait till the upload has finished. Then preview it to be sure, before you save.
Also, you should delete the duplicate.