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Help needed with strange noise

Last night at about 5am we were wakened by a strange two note booming call (ascending) repeated a few times, which was seemingly responded to by a similar two note call, this time descending. The first call appeared to come from our garden or the field next to it and the 'reply' from some distance away. Nothing could be seen, but we have a large garden which is more or less surrounded by fields and woodland. The performance went on for about 20 minutes before silence resumed.

I have never in our 32 years of living here heard anything like it before. Has anyone any idea at all as to what it might have been?



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How strange! Is this any

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Strange noise

Thank you. I did think of a Bittern initially, but the nearer call was the inverse of a Bittern's call while the 'reply' was similar to the bird but much higher pitched. However, I'm not ruling anything out at the moment!

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Just possibly

A Tawny Owl - their vocal range is quite broad, and a 2-note call suggest it. But Bittern does match the description better.

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Tawny owl

We do have a lot of owls in the nearby woodland, but I've not heard one sound like this - much more musical and less screechy than an owl.
I'm beginning to think is was the local TA out on manoeuvres with some sort of hooter to keep in touch!

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It's surprising

what people get up to - you could well be right.

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Mystery solved

We have now discovered that the noise we heard was of an immature peacock 'honking' - just what you expect in rural Worcestershire. I believe the folks that run the caravan park across the road have purchased it to replace the one they had a year or two back which was killed on the road. I certainly had not realised that the young bird made such an odd noise. Of course, now the bird has matured we are awakened every morning (5.30am) by the full blown cry of the wretched thing marking its territory.....

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Ah ha!

Yes, they do make extraordinary noises - and fortissimo!

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Recently walking in 'rural'

Recently walking in 'rural' Wales and heard strange calls - turns out it was a peacock on a local farm. I didn't expect to hear one here!!

The more I know the more I realise I don't know