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Chimney Sweeper moth

Observed: 21st July 2013 By: hilaryphilaryp’s reputation in Invertebrateshilaryp’s reputation in Invertebrateshilaryp’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Moth identification.

Hi Wildlife Ranger,
Thank you for an alternative identification, however I personally don't believe it is a Ringlet, there were no markings on the wings whatsoever and it was more black than the browner Ringlet colour.It also had the white edges to the outer edges of its wings, like the moth. The photo was taken with my mobile so isn't very clear, unfortunately.
Mind you, I cannot say categorically.

Best wishes- Hilary


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white edges

Chimney Sweeper moth has white edges to the tips of its wings:

but not all the way round like Ringlet does. Yours is a rather dark individual, but they do vary a bit in how intense the dark colour is on the top side of the wings. See for comparison:

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Chimney Sweeper Vs Ringlet

Hi Martin,
Thank you for this. I will have a look at the links. This is a great site for learning!



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Hello Hilary

Its a Ringlet !

They sometimes do present with very plain wings 20 mm is small Wingspan 23-27 mm for Chimney When newly emerged, the Ringlet has a velvety appearance and is almost black Ringlet wingspan of up to 35 to 42 millimeters.The wing upper and lower sides are solid brown with small, yellowish-rimmed eye-spots . The number and size of the eye spots is variable, they may be missing on the upper wing surface



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Hi Wildlife Ranger,

I now understand that it is a Ringlet. Thank you both for helping me with this, I have to admit I was confused at first. I have looked up the links and read some other sites info as well. I am quite pleased that we have got Ringlets in the garden!

Best wishes-Hilary.