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Dead Eurasian Pygmy Shrew

Observed: 21st July 2013 By: Krisztina FeketeKrisztina Fekete’s reputation in MammalsKrisztina Fekete’s reputation in Mammals
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Another dead shrew

Oh my goodness, another dead shrew - what on earth's going on? This poor thing looks very bloated.

BTW, I put an extra comma in my ID which I can't edit out now ("Tail, long, thick and hairy.") which makes it sounds like the animal has a tail (yes it does) and the whole animal is long, thick and hairy! - not what I meant:-)

Gill Sinclair
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Nice, easy one; the tail is at least 80% of the body(inc. head) length so is a pygmy shrew.

Gill, reminds me of the old panda joke:

Panda goes into a cafe, eats a plate of bamboo, pulls out a gun, shoots the waiter and goes out; throwing down a wildlife guide to the mammals of China. The comment under panda in the book was:

Eats, shoots and leaves.

rather than:

Eats shoots, and leaves.

Title of an excellent book on punctuation by Lynne Truss, the irony is my copy has "New York Times No. 1 Best Seller" at the top; Americans - good punctuation?

Graham Banwell

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Thanks for the comments,

Thanks for the comments, really enjoyed them! :)