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Upload error

When trying to upload a photo in a new entry I get the message

File upload error. Could not move uploaded file."

and the photo does not upload.



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Upload error

I have had exactly the same problem this evening with the same error message and photos do not upload. Tried both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer - same problem with both browsers.

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Me too.

Glad someone else is having the same problem - means it's probably not at my end.


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Touch wood!

Working again now. Thanks for fixing!

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Seems to be broken in a different way now. Image claims to upload but no preview thumbnail is created and when the entry is finalised the image is replaced by a hyperlink. Clicking on the hyperlink gets a broken image icon.

See for example http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/351814

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This has now changed again with a partial, mostly greyed out, image being shown (rather than a hyperlink which points to an icon indicating that the image is broken).
But it looks like the problem may have gone as images seem to upload, although I do not have time to test this by creating a new entry just now.

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Same problems were reported

Same problems were reported on the ZA site.