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digital camera recommendation

I wondered if people had thoughts / recommendations about the best small digital camera for getting good close up shots of insects, plants etc for i.d. purposes. I would be thinking about a price of up to about £100. Thanks,



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There is a Forum for this topic

Try looking at http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/274680
although the recommendations are probably £200 or £300
rather than £100.

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Agree that

£100 is a bit optimistic. You can try for second-hand at that price, but make sure you check any proposed purchase out carefully. There's a lot that can go wrong!
"Which" generally rates Fujifilm models quite highly, and they are a bit cheaper than the "top" brands. But you're still looking at closer to £200 for something like the F550EXR.
Things to consider (among others) - many new cameras no longer have a viewfinder, using the LCD screen only. Tricky in strong sunlight. Also, a common fault (I've had three cameras go this way, which is why I haven't mentioned some other brands)is a motherboard problem that causes the batteries to last only a few minutes. The cost of repair these days is often prohibitive.

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Refurbished to keep the cost down.

You could try looking for refurbished cameras, fuji has a site here, http://shop.fujifilm.co.uk/refurbished-digital-cameras? and I suppose other makers will have similar sites. I'm not sure which fuji cameras would be best for you but my sister buys cameras from here for the staff and children at her nursery school to use and seem very happy with them.