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Cheilosia vernalis?

Observed: 16th July 2013 By: Mike GriffithsMike Griffiths’s reputation in InvertebratesMike Griffiths’s reputation in InvertebratesMike Griffiths’s reputation in Invertebrates
Cheilosia vernalis pos1
Cheilosia vernalis pos2
Cheilosia vernalis pos3

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It may well be a Cheilosia, but there is no way you could attempt a species from the photos, I am afraid...more detail required! They are difficult enough with a specimen under the microscope, often.


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Thanks Ian, spent some time

Thanks Ian, spent some time trying to discount most, leg patterns fit but accept your comment.
loving your flickr images. Great colour and detail.

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The big problem is that you may well have got to the right area but there are several similar species. C. vernalis is occasionally very tricky and there is the rare chance of other species such as C. semifasciata. I must confess to finding C. vernalis a bit of a challenge at times.