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Observed: 20th July 2013 By: Alex PrendergastAlex Prendergast’s reputation in InvertebratesAlex Prendergast’s reputation in Invertebrates

micro-moth in Skinner trap

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Micro ID

Alex, perhaps it would be good to invest in a copy of the excellent Field guide to Micro moths of GB and Ireland, Sterling, Parsons and Lewington. It covers all the easy to ID species with suitable health warnings where ID is difficult, it won't help you with large parts some groups like the Gelechiids and the Coleophora which need dissection. You'll quickly get the hang of the common species. Hope this helps.

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Micro ID

Thanks, I have a copy. We managed to ID 20-or so other micros using it that day but these veneer micro-moths seem to be rather variable and confusing.

Thanks for your IDs


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