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Hoverfly - Dasysyrphus?

Observed: 6th September 2009 By: Colin007Colin007’s reputation in InvertebratesColin007’s reputation in InvertebratesColin007’s reputation in InvertebratesColin007’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Hooked bars on abdomen do not reach margin. Stigma on wing dark. Face hairs yellow. Seems to indicate Dasysyrphus pinastri.

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... or Scaeva?

Colin, I'm wondering if this is Scaeva rather than Dasysyrphus. The slightly swollen face, the leg colours and the shape of the 'comma' marks on the abdomen make it look like Scaeva selenitica to me. Could you see whether the frons (front part of head/face) was black or yellow? I can't make it out from the photo, the head is facing into the shade of the flower.

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... or Scaeva

Dear Martin
It would be good if it was S. selenitica as this is quite a scarce fly. I like the inflated frons and the black ring on the hind tibia.
However, I remember it being relatively small (scaeva being larger) and the eyes didn't seem to be densely hairy.
I can't now remember why I discounted Eupeodes luniger - it is highly variable and has the inflated frons but not densely hairy eyes.
have tried to key it again from scratch but have got lost - fresh eyes needed?