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Brynna caterpillars 19july2013 001

Observed: 19th July 2013 By: marksteermarksteer’s reputation in Invertebratesmarksteer’s reputation in Invertebratesmarksteer’s reputation in Invertebrates
Brynna caterpillars 19july2013 001
Brynna caterpillars 19july2013 003
Brynna caterpillars 19july2013 005

Caterpillar on Pelargoiniums. Light green with whitish stripe along side when young. After 4-5 days turned colour in photos


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Brynna caterpillars

I would appreciate any thoughts on these caterpillars. Restricted to one pot of Pelargoniums at present.

The more I know the more I realise I don't know

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It's a shame that some of your early posts have NO responses.
This one particularly should attract more attention. To a Leppie, it should be easy. But where's the courtesy of leaving a comment gone - you know "can't help you here but maybe look at >>THIS<<
Some posts like this can be brought into arena again by adding a word to the Description - any word will do; this puts up a New flag to anyone who looks for things. In your case I think a change of Title in any of your dormant posts might do the trick Brynna caterpillars 19july2013 001 to Geranium Lava 19July?