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Observed: 12th July 2013 By: pf339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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One of three seen separately lying on the coastal path during two days of walking.

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killed by kestrel and discarded?

killed by another shrew?

died naturally ?

Why are dead shrews so often found in the open?

Usually natural mortality is less exposed.

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Good question -

Shrews, voles and moles lying in the open seem almost common recently.
I wonder of food shortage (last year must have reduced invertebrate populations hugely) might be a factor?

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Shrew/mole mortality

Agree that we are seeing a lot of dead shrews and moles on iSpot this year, and that could be something to do with invertebrate prey. Interesting (but sad).

Gill Sinclair
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Another one of these difficult shrews whose tail is borderline in length. However, I'm going with pygmy shrew on this one, the tail is hairy with tufts at the tip, though the hairs are flat along the tail more like a common. Also though there is a hint of three tone fur on the flanks the medium toned hair should go further up the flank for it to be a common shrew.

Graham Banwell

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