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Browse Observations

Now that observation frequency is picking up, more observations are slipping through the net without getting a suggested ID or any agreements to suggested IDs.

Would the team consider adding some extra filtering options to the Browse Observations page? For instance, a drop-down box offering a choice to limit the display to observations without IDs or without agreed IDs as was done temporarily on the home page recently. By doing this on the main Browse Observations page users can easily combine this option with other filters and it will remain available as the home page changes.



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Adding content then going back...

It would be good if, when I go from a page of "browse observations" to any given one to add a comment or identification, I could go back to the same browsing page rather than the "top" (page 1).
I know I can just use the "back" button on Firefox, but if I do that the comment isn't "logged" (i.e. number of comments isn't incremented). So I worry that I forgot to save it, and go back to check!
Having said that, really, really enjoy the site. My job often entails periods of frantic activity followed by periods of idleness, which would drive me mad if iSPot wasn't there to browse. Much better than Facebook of YouTube!