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Unusual caterpiller (Puss Moth ???)

Observed: 19th July 2013 By: maryholl711

This caterpillar was spotted by us inching its way across the path at the lake whilst walking our dog. I put my foot beside it to show the size. As we looked closer, it reared up!!! Never seen anything like it before. We love going to Fendrod Lake as it's full of wildlife, ducks, swans, geese, butterflies etc.

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Hi Mary,It looks good for

Hi Mary,

It looks good for the Puss Moth, if you like you could add a revised ID and press get recommended next time to add the scientific name?

Also, if you do revise the ID select invertebrates to place the ID in the right section.


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Puss moth

Yes, one of the most astonishing British caterpillars. They get browner as they get ready to spin their chrysalis so this one is not far off.


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