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Speckled Wood v Banded Demoiselles -Copied here no answers in Obs

Is this behaviour unusual?

By: kris1960kris1960's reputation in InvertebratesLocation: 6, LeicsObserved on: 8th July 2013Added to iSpot: 8th July 2013Identifications: 0Agreements: 0Comments: 0Description: Watched Banded Demoiselles over canal being chased off by what I think was a Speckled Wood butterfly whenever they flew over the patch of hard clay on which he was sitting by the towpath. He did not respond at all when Common Blue damselflies flew over or near him. Watched this for almost an hour.



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I don't know if it's unusual

I don't know if it's unusual and I may be stating the obvious, but the similarity between a Banded Demoiselle and a rival butterfly is they both have dark wings. A Common Blue damselfly has clear wings and so perhaps didn't trigger the "rival to be chased off" reaction.

I love watching feisty butterflies defending their territory. They tend to be easier to take photos of than less territorial individuals. More bothered about occupying their patch than worried about the presence of a nearby camera lens.