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Observed: 24th May 2010 By: RowanRowan’s reputation in InvertebratesRowan’s reputation in InvertebratesRowan’s reputation in Invertebrates

Growing on seaweed.

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Angela - I'm sorry to be so late in arriving!
This is quite unusual pattern for an Ascidian
It looks a little like a batch of Sea Star eggs; but I agree, logic suggest Ascidian.
There is not much evidence on the web for my proposal but Dave Fenwick's site (ALWAYS good to check) has this
My yet to be IDd post here shows similar (just!) shapes or colours.
Now you have four years more experience, do you have any more thoughts?

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Lucy, you seem certain - did you read my comment above?
I have looked hard again and it still has the look of small spherical egg masses and not a degraded ascidian. I am NO expert - honest.
Can you say what swung it for you?

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Not egg mass

I did read your comment - but I really don't think egg mass. The round "eggs" are more close to "petals".

If I was pushed to change the identification - I would be inclined to put forward B. leachi instead - as the patterns are more in lines than "stars".